Advanced Settings

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Course #

This section of the advanced settings allows you to customize the extended capabilities of your LMS.

Gutenberg Editor: Allow creating your courses using the Glutenberg Editor.

Hide Course Products on Shop Page: Hide Courses from the shop page showing only other WooCommerce Products to be sold from here. You can visit this page through the URL YourSite/shop. Note that YourSite should be replaced with your site’s domain name.

Course Archive Page: This page will be used to list all the published courses.

Instructor Registration Page: This page will be used to sign up new instructors.

Student Registration Page: Choose the page for the student registration page.

Youtube API Key: Insert the YouTube API key to host live videos using YouTube.

Options #

Profile Completion: Enabling this feature will show a notification bar to students and instructors to complete their profile information

Enable LMS Login: Enable to use the login modal instead of the default WordPress login page

Hide Frontend Admin Bar: The hide admin bar option allows you to hide the WordPress admin bar entirely from the frontend. It will still show to administrator roles user

Erase upon Uninstallation: Delete all data during uninstallation

Maintenance Mode: Enabling the maintenance mode allows you to display a custom message on the frontend. During this time, visitors can not access the site content. But the wp-admin dashboard will remain accessible