After running an Email Campaign, you can see all the campaign stats from the Campaign Details screen. You can check each recipients interaction, whether they opened the email or nor, if they clicked on the link that you added on your email body.

Using the Campaign Actions, you can Add/Remove Tag of your Contacts based on email interaction.

Action Type: You can add a tag or remove a tag based on the filter.

Select Tags: You can select single/multiple tags in which the user will be assigned to.

Filter Subscribers: You can filter the subscriber based on:

  1. Select Subscribers who open the emails: You can filter the subscriber who did opened the campaign email.
  2. Select Subscribers who did not open email: You can filter the subscriber who didn’t opened the campaign email.
  3. Select Subscribers who click selected links: If your email body has links, you can filter the subscriber based on each link they clicked.