Cancel a Member

Cancelling a Membership as the Site Administrator #

If a member contacts you directly and requests a cancellation, you can manually cancel their account through the WordPress admin. To cancel a member follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Users screen in the WordPress admin.
  2. Locate the user account by searching for their name or email address. If you have a large user list, you may benefit from the tips to speed up user searches in this guide.
  3. Once you locate the user, click their name or the edit link to manage their account.
  4. On the edit user screen, you will see a section for “Membership Level” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Choose “– None –” from the dropdown list.
  6. To cancel their membership and recurring payment, check the box to cancel the active recurring subscription.
  7. Save Changes.

Once you cancel an account, the member’s recurring payment will be cancelled automatically at the gateway and they will no longer be billed for membership. This action cannot be reversed.

Memberships offers native support for full refunds for specific gateways. You may be able to process the refund and account change in one step. Or, if you are using a gateway that does not provide refund functionality through the API, this step may need to be handled directly in your gateway account.

View the instructions for issuing refunds on supported gateways in this companion guide.

How a Member Can Change Their Membership Level #

If a current member wants to cancel their level, they can do so from their Membership Account page.

In a single step, this action cancels their existing membership level and recurring payment. We have a few Add Ons that modify the cancellation process including the Cancel on Next Payment Date Add On and the Reason for Cancelling Add On.

Members can complete a membership cancellation by following the steps:

  • Navigate to their Membership Account page, select “Cancel”.
  • On the Membership Cancel page, the member confirms the change.
  • When this action is taken:
    • Their membership is immediately canceled
    • Their recurring payment is immediately cancelled
    • Their membership access is immediately removed

Sample Content For Your Members: How to Cancel Your Membership Level #

Here is an example email you can use to provide your members with the specific steps to cancel their membership account. Or, consider having this info available on a public help or FAQ page in your membership site.

Hey, member!

We are sorry that you are choosing to cancel your membership account. Below are the steps to complete a membership cancellation.

  1. Log in to your membership account.
  2. From your Membership Account, click the link to “Cancel”.
  3. The following screen will ask you to confirm the cancellation.
  4. After you confirm, your previous subscription payment will be cancelled and you will immediately lose access to previous members-only content.
  5. If you are entitled to a refund, we will contact you via email regarding our refund process.