Checkout Step Configuration Options

In this doc, I will show you how you can configure your funnel Checkout page.

I assume that you have already have created a Landing and a Checkout step.

If you haven’t added any product to your funnel yet, you will see a red warning message “No Product Added” on the Checkout step.

Add a new product to your Checkout #

Now, to add a product to your funnel checkout, click on the Checkout step, and you will get a few new options.

The first option is the Settings, the second option will let you View the Checkout page in action, the third option is the Edit option, through which you can edit your Checkout page. And the last option is Configure option.

From here click on the Settings option and you will get the options to add a new product to your Checkout page.

Once you click on the Settings option, you will get the following view:

Here, you will see that Products tab is selected by default.

On the right, you will find a search box.

Type the product name and you will get suggestions, and select your preferred product from the list.

After choosing the product, click on the Add Product button to add this product to your Checkout.

Once the product is added to your funnel, you will have the option to change the quantity of your product from the quantity field.

Also, you can add more products the same way. Search for a product and select the product from the list and then click on Add Product button, and the products will be added to your funnel.

Now, finally, click on the Save Changes button.

Adding an order bump to you Checkout page #

If you want then you can add an order bump to your checkout, and to do so, click on the Order Bump option from the Settings tab.

Click on the Enable Order Bump checkbox and you will find all the options to configure your order bump product.

From here you can add an order bump to your checkout page, change the order bump style, description, quantity, discount, etc.

Make the changes as you want, and then click on the Save Changes button, and now you can see the order bump on your Checkout page.