Conditional Confirmation Message in  Forms

Although not mandatory, it is a good UX practice to let users confirm their actions on your website. Along with that, sometimes users need to be informed if particular conditions were or weren’t met when filling up the form.

We have already enabled you to confirm submission by users whenever someone fills up a form. But you might require to convey to users customized messages if they successfully comply with a certain logic, or fail to achieve certain values while filling out forms.

  • As an example, you are looking for a value of equal to or more than 2 in a certain field of your form. So, whenever someone puts in 2 or more, they get a successful confirmation message. But what if they put 0 or 1 in that field?
  • Here goes a simple example of how you can handle this situation using conditional confirmation and letting your users know what went wrong. Or sometimes, you might need to convey different messages to users who give you positive feedback, or negative ones.

Setting up Conditional Confirmation #

  • Go to the Settings panel of the form in question and navigate to the Other Confirmations section.
  • Click on Add Confirmation.
  • Name the conditional confirmation and define where to show this message.
  • Define the Message to show for conditional confirmation.
  • Define what to do once the form is filled up.
  • Define the condition for which this confirmation is to be shown.
  • Select “Any” if the conditional input field requires responding to any one of the conditions defined. Select “All” if the field requires to fulfill multiple conditions.
  • Define the Input fields that the conditional field would rely upon.
  • Define what logics are to be satisfied- equal/not equal, greater than/less than, contains, start with/ends with.
  • Define the conditions or values that are to be met.
  • Click on Save Notification.
  • So, whenever someone fulfills the defined conditions, the customized confirmation message will be shown to them.
  • And if a user fails to comply with the conditional logic, a default confirmation message will be shown, unless another conditional confirmation is set for that.