Conditional Email Routing

From Forms notification, you can configure additional email routing. This is similar to conditional email notification, but Conditional Email Routing for different recipients based on the user input or different events. In this article, we will show you how to configure Conditional Email Routing within your notification.

  • First, go to email notification settings and click on “Add new notification” or you can edit an already existing notification.
  • Within the settings for notification, you will see three options labeled Enter EmailSelect a Field, and Configure Routing. If you select Configure Routing, additional options similar to conditional logic will appear.
  • Now configure the field that the routing condition will use. You can use the dropdown box to select the field that the condition will be based on.
  • For example, I have a dropdown with three options Support, Marketing, and Developer. So I will configure the routing as in the user selects Support the email will route to and if the select marketing then the email will route to and if the user selects developer then the email will route to
  • If you want to add more or remove one, just use the + and  icons to the right of the item.