Design Settings

Course #

Course Builder Page Logo: Add a logo you want to be displayed on the frontend course builder when instructors edit a course.

Column Per Row: Define how many columns you want to use to display courses.

Course Filter: Show sorting and filtering options on the course archive page.

​​Pagination: Number of items you want to be displayed “per page” in the pagination.

Preferred Course Filters: Choose preferred filter options you’d like to show on a course archive page.

Layout #

Instructor List Layout: Choose a layout for the list of instructors inside a course page. You can change this at any time.

Instructor Public Profile Layout: Choose a layout design for an instructor’s public profile.

Student Public Profile Layout: Choose a layout design for a student’s public profile.

Course Details  #

Enable/Disable these options to have them show/conceal them on the frontend course builder for your instructors. Only the admin can change these toggles. 

Instructor Info: Toggle to show instructor info 

Q&A: Enable to add a Q&A section 

Author: Enable to remove course author-name 

Level: Toggle to remove course level 

Social Share: Toggle to enable course social share 

Course Duration: Enable to show course duration 

Total Enrolled: Enable to show total enrolled students

Update Date: Enable to show course update information

Progress Bar: Enable to show course progress for students

Material: Enable to show course materials

About: Enable to show course about section

Description: Enable to show course description

Benefits: Enable to show course benefits section

Requirements: Enable to show courses requirements section

Target Audience: Enable to show course target audience section

Announcements: Enable to show course announcements section

Review: Enable to show course review section

Colors #

Preset Colors: These colors will be used throughout your website. Choose between these presets or create your own custom palette.

Primary Color: Choose a custom primary color

Primary Hover Color: Choose a custom primary hover color

Text Color: Choose a Text Color for your website text

Background: Choose a background color for your website

Border: Choose a light color for your website

Success: Choose a color for an operation success message

Warning: Choose a color for an operation pending message

Danger: Choose a color for an operation error message

Disable: Choose a color for disabled elements

Table Background: Choose a color for the background of table elements

Video Player #

Use Player for YouTube: Enable this option to use the LMS video player.

Use Player for Vimeo: Enable this option to use the LMS video player.