eCommerce Settings For Courses

To use eCommerce as your eCommerce platform, you need to enable eCommerce from
Dashboard > LMS > Settings > Monetization (Tab) > (select) eCommerce.

Note: if you do not see your preferred eCommerce platform listed on the screen, this means you do not have that plugin installed on your website.

When eCommerce is enabled, the following section will appear on the Course creation page.

If you are using the Pro version of LMS it comes with a frontend course builder with all the mentioned settings below. So that you don’t need access the backend of your site everytime.

Here’s how the system works, first you need to create a product with eCommerce, set the price (regular or sale), and then publish it. Once an item is created, you can then link that product to a course and the course will be sold via that product.

Let’s see the entire process with an example. First, we need to create a product that will be used to sell a course, let’s say the course is “Introduction to Photography”.

Now we need to create a product. So, browse to Dashboard > Products > Add New. Let’s use the same name as our course title so that we can keep track easily. While creating a product, we need to pay attention to the following features:

  • Product Type – Simple Product
  • Virtual – Enabled
  • For LMS – Enabled
  • Price – Set a price

When everything is set, we can now publish the course. Lets head over to the “Introduction to Photography” course. It’s time to assign the newly created product to our course. Navigate to the Add Product section and choose the desired product from the dropdown list. Finally, click Update (or Publish, if you’re creating the course from scratch).

Our job is done here. Now anyone would be able to add this course to the cart or to the wishlist and buy the course anytime they want.

You must have eCommerce or Easy Digital Download plugin installed and activated on your website. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sell courses with the free version of LMS

When everything is all set, the final step in this process is setting up your payment method. You can find the eCommerce payment settings option from Dashboard > eCommerce > Settings > Payments (tab). Then configure your preferred payment method.

No transaction can or will take place unless the payment method is configured. Meaning if you don’t configure payment method you cannot sell any course with LMS.