Email Settings

The Memberships > Settings > Email Settings admin page allows you to control various settings related to emails sent by your Memberships site.

From the dashboard, go to Memberships > Settings and select Email. There are several sections on this page. Continue reading for an explanation of settings in each section.

Send Emails From #

In this section, you can adjust the name and email address all system generated emails are sent from in your WordPress site.

  1. From Email: Update the email address for emails sent from your site.
  2. From Name: Update the name of the sender for emails sent from your site.
  3. Only Filter Memebership Emails?: Check this setting to update the Email and Name for all emails send from your site.
  4. Save Settings

Customizing Email Content #

We added this section to the Email Settings admin page to help membership site owners understand how the content of various member communications can be customized. Click here to read more documentation on how to customize Emails and Member Communications.