In this section, you can edit different types of default settings. After adding or altering information, click Save to confirm the changes to that specific field.

From Name: When you send marketing emails to your subscribers, the “From Name” (also known as the email Sender name) tells the recipients who sent them the email. It is very important and a determining factor for the email you will send whether your email will be opened, or get ignored by the recipients. Often it is the company name, or perhaps the product name or service name people have signed up to learn about.

From Email Address: This is the email address the user will see when they open the email. There are a number of things to follow when choosing the “From Email” address. Always avoid using free webmail addresses, and also avoid the no-reply address. Use a valid email address that also matches your SMTP email address or this will cause an email delivery issue.

Maximum Email Limit Per Second: Set the maximum number of emails that you can send in a second. You should set this limit based on your email service provider.

Email Footer Text: The footer section usually contains information about the sender’s unsubscribe link or forward the email. You should provide your business address {{crm.business_address}} and manage the subscription/unsubscribe URL for the best user experience.

Smartcode in Footer: {{crm.business_name}}, {{crm.business_address}}, ##crm.manage_subscription_url##, ##crm.unsubscribe_url## will be replaced with dynamic values. It is recommended to keep the texts as default aligned. Your provided email design template will align the texts.