Exporting Members

Memberships makes it easy to export your members list to CSV, a format which can be easily searched, sorted, and filtered in Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

How to Export Your Members List #

To export your members list, go to Memberships –> Memberships List in the WordPress dashboard. Then click on the “Export to CSV” button near the top of the page.

Export a Specific Level of Membership #

If you’d like to export members for a specific level, choose that level from the dropdown and then click on the export button.

You can also perform a search on the members list and when you click on the export button, it will only export members that match that search.

Add Fields to Members List Export #

Custom user fields are included by default if you created the fields on the Memberships > Settings > User Fields admin page. You can override this behavior using custom code to extend the user field settings using the “memberslistcsv” field option.