How the Affiliate Registration and Login Works

1) Once the Affiliates Manager plugin is installed it will automatically create 3 pages ‐

a) Store Affiliate ‐ A welcome page which allows a user to sign up for an affiliate account or login to their dashboard.

screenshot of affiliates manager homepage

b) Register ‐ A page containing the affiliate registration form.

screenshot of affiliates manager registration page

c) Affiliate Login ‐ A page containing the affiliate login form.

screenshot of affiliates manager login page

2) When a user clicks on the “register” link it will take them to the registration page.

3) When the application is submitted the plugin will notify the admin of the new affiliate sign up via email. The admin can then view the application and choose to approve/decline it. Once the admin approves it the affiliate will receive the account approval email. A WordPress user account will automatically be created for the user. They can use it to login to their affiliate dashboard. The dashboard appears on the Store Affiliates page for a logged-in affiliate.

If the Automatically approve a new affiliate option is enabled in the settings (Affiliates > Settings > General), the affiliate application will automatically get approved.

4) Once an affiliate logs in for first time after getting approved, they need to review the “terms and conditions” and accept it on the “Store Affiliates” page to get started.

screenshot of review terms page
screenshot of affiliates manager agree to terms page

5) Once the affiliate agrees to the terms they will need to chose a payout method (example: PayPal, Check or Manual).

screenshot of affiliate payment details submission page

6) After the payment details are submitted, the account will automatically become active and ready for use. The affiliate can then get started by selecting some creatives (which the admin had already configured in the My Creatives interface). They can also generate a referral link for any page on your site using the Generate Referral URL button.

screenshot of affiliate overview page