How to Add Creatives or Ads For Your Affiliates

Ad banners or text links allows your affiliates to easily promote your store/product/services (whatever you are selling). Creatives are the text or banner links your affiliates will use to
drive traffic to your website.

You can configure creatives (ad banners or links) in this plugin. This allows your affiliates to be able to log into their affiliate area and get the code for the ad.

Your affiliates can then copy and paste the ad code on their site to send visitors to your store/site/landing page. The plugin will uniquely track each affiliates referral to your site.

Adding Creatives for Your Products or Services #

Adding Creatives – Step 1 #

From the WordPress admin dashboard, click Affiliates -> My Creatives.

Adding Creatives – Step 2 #

Click the Create New button. You will be presented with the following screen:


Name – Unique name for creative. For example: blue 125×125 banner

Landing page – Select where you’d like the visitor to be directed when they
click the link from you affiliates site. This can be any valid
post/page/URL that is part of your WordPress site.

Type – Select Text Link or Image

Adding Creatives – Step 3 #

After you choose text link or image banner ad type, you will be presented with the following options:

Text Link Parameters #

Link Text – This is the text that will be displayed on your
affiliates site for their visitors to click on.

Alt Text – This is the text that displays when a visitor hovers
over the link on your affiliates site.

Image Parameters #

Image File – This is a dropdown of images available from your WordPress
media library.

Preview – When you select the image file, a preview will be displayed here.

Alt Text – This is the text that displays when a visitor hovers over
the link on your affiliates site.

Note: If you face any issue with the banner image uploader, you can add your banner images to the WordPress media library (Media -> Add New) then use the image in the banner ad configuration area.

Frequently Asked Questions #

How Many Affiliate Creatives Do I Need? #

The affiliates manager plugin will automatically create ONE default affiliate creative for you when you install the plugin. That one creative is good enough to get you going (so you don’t need to add anymore unless you want to).

Do I need to Add Affiliate Creatives for Each Product? #

No. Your affiliates will get commission from a transaction given the customer was referred by him/her. Once a customer clicks on an affiliate link and purchase a product from your store, the affiliate will get the commission regardless of which creative the user clicked on. So if you have a lot of products, you may want to just have one creative for your main store page.