How To Change Order Bump Position At The Checkout Step

You can place the Order Bump in several positions on the Checkout page, which include the following:

  • Before Order DetailsThe order bump will be placed right above the order summary in the checkout page, where you get to see the products in the order, and the total cost.Before Checkout DetailsThe offer will appear above the checkout form.After Checkout DetailsOffer will be placed right below the customer information details, i.e. below the Billing & Section of the checkout form.Before Payment OptionsThe order bump will be placed just above the payment section where a person will input payment details.After Payment OptionsThe offer will be displayed just after the payment section, just below the “Place Order” button.
  • Pop-up OfferThe offer will appear as a pop-up after a few seconds into the checkout page.

You can also configure these visually when editing the checkout step in your page builder, through the Funnels Checkout widget/block.