How To Change Order Bump Position At The Checkout Step

Since you are here, I assume you’ve already created a Sales Funnel with an Order Bump.

Now, you might want to learn how to Place the order bump anywhere on the checkout page to make it more meaningful, and here is how.

You can change your order bump position in two ways:

  • Change Order Bump position from the Checkout step
  • Change Order Bump position

Step 01: Change Order Bump Position With Checkout Step #

To change the Order Bump position with the Checkout step:

Click on the Checkout step from the Funnels dashboard and you will see some new options.

Click on the Settings icon for the checkout step settings.

It will take you to the checkout page settings, and you will be on the Products tab by default.

If you have already added products to your funnel, you will see them here.

Click on the Order Bump tab options and it will take you to the Order Bump settings page of this sales funnel.

If you have already added a product to your Order Bump, you will see it here.

Now, select the Order Bump Position and change it to where you want to place the offer at checkout.

Click on the Save Changes button

Now you can check the new position of your Order Bump by clicking on the View button from your Funnel canvas page.

Step 02: Change Order Bump Position #

Follow the steps below to learn how you can change the order bump position with the page builder.

On the funnel canvas, click on the Checkout step, and then click on the Edit option from the top of the Checkout step, and the Checkout page will be open in a new tab.

Add an order bump to the checkout.

Now first, you need to open the Checkout step.

Select the Checkout step, and you will get some Checkout settings options on the top of the Checkout step.

Click on the Edit(pen icon) option, and the Checkout page will be open in a new tab.

Scroll down to the Checkout section and click on the Checkout section – you will get the Checkout section-related settings on the right.

To change the order bump position, at first click on the Order Bump accordion, then you will find order bump settings options.

Click on the order bump position dropdown button which you will find just under the Enable Order Bump dropdown button on the right.

Select a new position for your order bump and click on the Update button on the top.

Now, to see your new order bump position, click on the Preview button, and a new tab will open with the Checkout page design.

That’s it, you can change the order bump position anytime you want.