How To Configure UTM Builder? #

Step 1: Add New URL In Tracking Links  #

First, you need to go to Tracking Links → Manage Links. Click on ‘Add New Link’ to add a new URL in Tracking Links. You will see a pop up window where you can fill in the necessary details as shown below.

Configure UTM Builder

Step 2: Add UTM Parameters To Your URL  #

Now to automatically generate UTM code, you need to click on the ‘UTM’ button beside the ‘Target URL’ option.

Insert the details of your ‘Campaign’, ‘Medium’, ‘Source’, ‘Term’, ‘Content’ and other details to automatically configure UTM code for your link. Then hit the ‘Save Link’ button to add these parameters to your Target URL

If you have Tracking Links, you can save the parameters by clicking the ‘Save New Template’ button. You can reuse them repeatedly and this saves a lot of time to maintain accuracy as well. 

Step 3: Publish & Track Link With Google Analytics #

After making all the changes, hit the ‘Publish’ button. Now you can track your URL with Google Analytics and measure your campaign performance.