How to create a Conversational Form with Forms

Forms has come up with Conversational Forms the most demanded feature! Conversational Form turns web forms into conversations, making it easy for developers and designers to engage with users in a conversational format.

This form automatically sets up a conversation when a user submits the data. Read this simple guide to creating Conversational Forms using Forms.

  • First of all, go to the All Forms page and click on the downward arrow icon beside the Add a New Form button. Here you will find the Create Conversational Form option in the dropdown, click on this.
  • Then a form editor page will open where you will find various options to set up your form. You can select the required fields from the Fields section. In this example, Welcome Screen, EmailText Area, and Website URL fields have been used.
  • You can easily customize all the fields as you usually do. Click on the pencil icon on the top right corner of the individual fields.
  • If you’re done with the form customization, click on the Save Form button. And go to the Preview Page to see the output of the conversational form. You will notice that the form portrays the fields in a conversational layout. Which makes it more interactive & engaging for your users while submitting forms.
  • Click on Start Here to begin filling out the form & then Press Enter. The next page will then load to enter the input on the 1st step of the form.
  • In this way, you can fill up all the form fields until the last step. After submitting the form, a ‘Thank you’ message will appear. You can then just copy and paste the shortcode of your form on your preferred page or post.
  • If you find that the default form design is too simple for you. Then there is a separate option available in Conversational Forms where the form design can easily be customized.