How to Create a WordPress User Update Form with Forms

The user profile editing option for any form is a fantastic feature of Forms. You can make the WordPress User Update process super easy by creating a user update form using Forms. Users will be able to update their information on a sophisticated form.

In this article, we will show you how to create a User Update form.

Please note that, user update will only run, if the user is logged in.

  • At first, go to the Integration Modules from Forms Pro (WordPress admin panel sidebar) and turn on the User Registration or Update Module as shown in the screenshot below 
  • Now, move on to the Marketing & CRM Integrations section of the particular form settings.
  • Click on Add New Integration and select User Registration or Update Integration from the dropdown.
  • Name the feed and select the User Update fields from the dropdown.
  • Configure the fields and map them to the User Update list’s corresponding rows.
  • Once the user update integration is accomplished, the username will always be fixed.
  • You can also set the User Meta on this setting.
  • In the first column, type your user meta, and in the second column select its corresponding value by the down arrow icon.
  • Enable Conditional Logic if required. Learn more about Forms Conditional logic here.
  • Click on Create User Update Feed or Update User Update Feed when the configuration is done.

Note that, User can do both Registration and Update in a single form.

To know more about User Registration, you can follow the link.