How To Create Device Based Dynamic Redirect Links?

Step 1: Create A Page Redirect Link #

Note: In order to use this dynamic redirects feature, you must have at least two web pages on your website. 

First you will have to create a shortened, redirect link for one of your web pages. Check out this documentation to learn how to shorten and redirect a URL effortlessly with Tracking Links.  

Note: Make sure the link options ‘No Follow’ and ‘Tracking’ are enabled as shown above. 

Step 2: Enable Dynamic Redirects Feature #

Next, click on the ‘Dynamic Redirects’ option, and press the ‘Click here’ button, as shown below. This will take you to a new interface where you can configure the feature as required. 

Step 3: Set Redirection Mode To ‘Device’ #

Check the ‘Enable Dynamic Redirect’ box option as shown below. Next, set the ‘Redirection Type’ to ‘Device’ to create a dynamic redirect. 

Now, under the ‘Device Based Target URLs’ section you can add your target URLs for different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. You can even customize further by choosing the browser, and operating system. Then, add your target URL for these configurations. 

Users who are using these devices, browsers or operating systems will then be redirected to the link you have set for them.