How To Design Your Funnel Landing Page

Add a New Funnel or start editing an existing funnel.

Now, when you click on the Landing step, you will see three new options on the top of the Landing step.

The first one is the View option, the second option is the Edit option, and the last one is the Configure option. To edit the Landing page, click on the Edit icon and a new tab will open with Page Builder, through which you can edit your Landing page.

Now, you can edit the Landing page from scratch or you can use one of our pre-made templates. Here I’m editing the landing page from scratch.

On your right, click on the plus [+] sign to choose a block.

You will see Funnels Next Step block. If you don’t see it, search for it on the block search bar.

Now just click on Funnels Next Step block to add it to your Landing page. It will add a Shop Now button on the Landing page by default.

To make any changes to your Next Step block, go to the Block tab on your right and you will get some options to change the Button Text and Style.

Click on the Update button from the top bar to save the changes.

Now, to see your Landing page in action, click on the Preview button next to the Update button, then click Preview in new tab and you will see the live view of the page.

As you’ve started editing from scratch, edit and complete your Landing page with the necessary content and design.