How to Integrate PayPal withForms

You can now easily integrate PayPal into your Forms dashboard. 

To set up PayPal integration, first, go to the global Settings from your dashboard. There’s a sidebar on the left. Choose Payment Settings.

By ticking the Status box you will Enable the Payment Module. This will unlock the payment modules.

Next, go to PayPal Settings. Again, you will have to tick the Status box to Enable PayPal Payment Method.

Next, you will have to select a PayPal Payment Mode. There are two options. A Sandbox Mode and a Live Mode. We’re setting up the Sandbox Mode. The Live Mode can be set up in the same manner.

You will be asked for your PayPal Email. This is the email you used to register for a PayPal account. Put it in the field.

We have Disabled PayPal IPN Verification. For more information on the matter, you can visit:

Now click on the Save PayPal Settings. And you have successfully integrated PayPal into your Forms dashboard.