How to Manually Award Commission to an Affiliate

Affiliates Manager plugin comes with a Manual Commission feature which allows you to manually award commission to an affiliate. This works great in certain situations such as:

  • The affiliate commission doesn’t get tracked for a particular purchase.
  • Affiliates Manager doesn’t have any integration option with the plugin you are using to process sales.
  • Your store keeps track of referrers manually. For example: An affiliate refers a user to your store. The user manually puts the affiliate’s name in the system.
  • Manually adjust a commission record.

In order to manually award commission to an affiliate, go to the commissions menu from your admin dashboard (Affiliates -> Commissions) and select the “Manual Commission” tab.

Manual Commission Adjustment #

In order to adjust a commission record:

  • Go to the commission menu (Affiliates->Commission)
  • Copy its data into a notepad for later use (example: date, affiliate ID, commission amount, Transaction ID)
screenshot showing how to manually adjust an affiliate commission
  • Delete the record
  • Switch to the “Manual Commission” tab
  • Enter a new record with the updated info
  • Click “Save”

Your newly added commission record should now appear in the “Overall Commissions” tab.