Before you start working, make sure to install and activate Tracking Links on your WordPress website. As link expiration is a premium feature, you also have to install Tracking Links.

Next follow the step-by-step guide to find out how to set a date for your links to expire using Tracking Links. 

Step 1: Manage Your Links From Dashboard #

First navigate to Tracking Links → Manage Links from your WordPress dashboard. 

set link expiration

Step 2: Edit Your Links In Tracking Links #

Afterward, choose any link from your Tracking Links dashboard and click the ‘Edit Link’ icon. 

set link expiration

Step 3: Set Your Link Expiration Date Using Tracking Links #

A popup will appear as you can see below and you have to choose options from the ‘Advanced’ field. If you want to expire an existing link, you have to then check the ‘Expire’ box. 

set link expiration

You can set the expiration type from the ‘Expire After’ option. Or you can set a specific date of link expiration. You will get the options to redirect the URL after expiration. 

If you want to mark a link as expired immediately, you can choose the ‘Expired’ option from the Status. Then click on ‘Update’ to save all your settings.