Step 1: Preview Your Automated UTM Code #

First, you need to go to admin→Tracking Links→Manage Links. Now you need to go to your link and click ‘Edit Link’. 

Next, you need to preview all the details you inserted before and then click on the UTM share icon.

Here you will see all the social platforms you can instantly share with a unique generated link for social media sharing with the UTM builder of Tracking Links

Step 2: Choose & Set The Social Share Parameters  #

Now you need to select the platform you want to share and configure how you want to share. 

After you configured the social share you need to hit the ‘Generate URL’ button and it will create a unique URL for this social share. Now you need to hit ‘Save’.

Step 3: Update Your Link To Save Changes #

Go over all the data that you just inserted and if it all looks good then just hit ‘Update’ and that’s it. You just configured the social share feature of UTM Builder of Tracking Links. 

Now just copy the link URL from your Tracking Links dashboard by clicking on the ‘Link’ icon.

Open a new tab on your browser and just paste the link URL and hit enter.

social share feature