Step 1: Configure Tracking Links Broken Link Checker #

From your WordPress dashboard, head over to the ‘Broken Link Checker’ tab from the plugin’s ‘Settings’ interface. 

Here, you can easily schedule scans for a regular broken link check and also enable email reports that will be sent to your email account at the time of the scan. 

Step 2: Enable Scheduled Scanning For Broken Links #

Next, click the ‘Enable Scheduled Scan’ checkbox as shown below to allow Tracking Links to regularly scan your URLs. From the ‘Frequency’ drop-down menu, you can choose whether to schedule the scan daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. 

You can also set a specific date and time for your scheduled Broken Link Checker scans, as shown above. Tracking Links plugin will carry out scheduled scans for all the shortened and redirected links listed on your plugin at your preferred timing. 

Step 3: Enable Link Checker Email Reports #

With Tracking Links, you can also enable the advanced ‘Email Reporting’ option to get detailed reports of broken links sent straight to your preferred email account. Click on the ‘Enable Reporting’ checkbox, and add an email ID to which you want the reports to be sent. You can also add a custom Subject Line for the reporting emails.

Afterward, you can test and verify if the email is being sent properly to the account you’ve added, by carrying out a reporting test, as shown above. 

How To Instantly Scan Your Site For Broken Links? #

To carry out an instant broken link check scan, click on the ‘Start Scan Now’ button as shown below. It will instantly scan all the links on your Tracking Links link management plugin, and provide you with a detailed report list. 

Here, you can easily copy the Short URLs, edit and update the Target URLs, or simply take action by checking again or deleting the broken links. 

If you have a large number of broken links listed, Tracking Links also allows you to take bulk actions to increase your link management efficiency further. To do so, click on the checkbox next to ‘Link’, as shown below, and select your preferred action from the drop-down menu that appears.