Log In

The Log In page displays a log in form and also serves as the page users will use for password recovery. You can optionally display a “Logged In” view on this page that shows the user’s display name, a log out link and the “Log In Widget” menu.

Log In Page
Log In Page Settings
The page must contain either the log in form block or pmpro_login shortcode. Either method will display the form with log in fields, a link to recover a lost password and “Join Now” link if your site is open for registration. You can filter the links shown on the log in form using the pmpro_login_forms_handler_nav hook.

Block settings or shortcode attributes allow you to optionally display a “Logged In” view on this page.

Log In Form Block
Redirect Logic
This is the default page that Memberships directs users to when they attempt to access protected content or other pages that require login. You can pass the ?redirect_to=URL_ENCODED_STRING_HERE attribute to this log in page to send a user to a specific page after login.

For example, this is how you would send members an upsell link that forces them to log in first, then redirects to them the checkout page for your upsell level.