Map Your Funnel Steps Properly

The drag and drop canvas of Funnels has made funnel planning and funnel mapping so much easier.

Organizing Funnel Steps #

Once you add your required funnel steps, you can click, drag and organize the steps in any way you want.

**Remember to assign the main sales product in the Checkout step to remove the red label “No Product Added.”

Next, map your funnels by connecting the steps in the right order to get a visual journey.

Connect The Funnel Steps In Order #

When you select a step, you will notice that there is a small step connector point in each step.

Left-click on the step connector point and drag your mouse towards the next step. Move the mouse on top of the next intended step and release the mouse button.

Then you will see that a connector has been created to connect both the steps with an arrow ending to indicate the direction of the user journey in this funnel.

If you want to remove the connector, simply right-click on it and you will find a cross icon, which you may click to remove the connector.

You can then create another connector to the right step.

That’s it. That’s how easy it is to map your funnel steps in Funnels.

Next, let us learn about using conditional steps control, which is a crucial part of funnel planning when deciding the extra funnel triggers – upsell & downsell offers.