Members List

The Memberships > Members page in the WordPress admin displays a sortable report of your members. The list can be viewed by All Members, by Membership Level or can be filtered to show only cancelled, expired, or past members.

Getting Started #

Once a member signs up for a membership level on your website, they will show up in your Members List. This is a separate list from the default WordPress Users admin page. You can view members and an overview of membership details by navigating to the WordPress dashboard under Memberships > Members.

The Members List Page #

Below is a list of the specific features of the Members List page.

  • Export to CSV: Allows you to download a CSV of the current filtered or all view of the Members List. The export will include all columns of data available in the list, regardless of whether you have adjusted columns from display using the “Screen Options” on the list table.
  • Filter the Members List: At the top left of the table you should see a “Show” dropdown field. Use this field to filter your view by a specific level, all levels, cancelled members, expired members, and old members.
    • All Levels: All active members of all membership levels.
    • Cancelled Members: A list of all members who have cancelled their membership.
    • Expired Members: A list of all members whose membership has expired.
    • Old Members: A list of members who previously had a membership level (cancelled and expired members).
  • Search Members List– At the top right of the table you should see a ‘Search Members’ field. This field will allow you to filter the members list by a specific search term. By default, this search will include all user and usermeta fields in the list. Larger membership sites can speed up the search using the method described in this article.

Members List Data #

Below is a list of the available data that is displayed on the Members List. In order to filter or edit what data is displayed on this table, click on the “Screen Options” tab that is located at the top right of your WordPress Dashboard. This tab will expand on the screen and allow you to toggle default columns as well as adjust the number of members shown per page.

  • ID: The WordPress user ID of the member. This is automatically generated and assigned to the member at checkout/registration.
  • Username: The member’s username.
  • Display name: The member’s display name.
  • First Name: The member’s first name. This field is not collected for all membership checkouts and payment gateways. You can use the Add Name to Checkout Add On to capture this data for all members.
  • Last Name: The member’s last name.
  • Email: The member’s email address.
  • Billing Address: The member’s billing address. This is only captured at checkout for specific payment gateways and when required.
  • Level: The membership level that is assigned to the member. This is automatically assigned to the member after checkout. If you are using the Multiple Memberships Per User Add On this column will show a comma-separate list of levels where applicable.
  • Level ID: The membership level ID.
  • Fee: The price the member has agreed to pay for the membership level. This may include a one time payment, recurring payment or free membership. If the member used a discount code during registration, this column will show their adjusted price.
  • Registered: The date the user was created in this WordPress site.
  • Start Date: The date that the member’s current active membership level began.
  • End Date: The date that the membership is set to expire. Members with a recurring subscription will show “Never” in this column.

Additional columns of data may appear in the Members List depending on the other Add Ons used in your membership site. You can add additional custom columns to the Members List using the method outlined in this article.