Membership Account

The Membership Account page is the primary place that members will use to manage their account. The page can include a shortcode or block that will load your preferred “sections”.

Membership Account Sections #

The page must contain either the membership account block or pmpro_account shortcode. Either method includes default sections you can enable or disable. You can use more than one shortcode per page to arrange sections in columns or between other page elements. Below is a description of each section available for this page:

  • Membership Section: Displays a list of the member’s active membership levels, including their price and expiration date. The member will see links to change, renew, cancel, or update their billing information in this section based on the status of their membership. You can filter or add links to this list using the pmpro_member_action_links hook.
  • Profile Section: Displays the member’s display name, username, and email address. The member will see links to edit their profile or update their password. You can filter or add links to this list using the pmpro_account_profile_action_links hook.
  • Invoices Section: Displays a list of the last 5 invoices for the user with a link to view all invoices if the user has more than 5.
  • Member Links Section: The core plugin does not include any member links in this section, but some Add Ons to leverage this section to show links to related content. You can add links to this section using the pmpro_member_links_top or pmpro_member_links_bottom hooks.

Again, you can toggle the display of these sections whether you are using the block or shortcode method on your Membership Account page. Or, consider making this page a robust member dashboard by following our guide for popular types of membership sites.

Redirect Logic #

When a site visitor tries to access the Membership Account page, they are redirected to the Log In page. After log in, all users will be redirected back to the Membership Account page.

You can adjust how non-member users are redirected from the Membership Account page using the pmpro_account_preheader_redirect.