Membership Checkout

The Membership Checkout page is the page members will use to complete purchase. This page’s appearance varies depending on your level pricing, gateway, custom fields, and any Add Ons you are using.

Membership Checkout Settings #

The page must contain either the membership checkout block or pmpro_checkout shortcode. Either method will display a complete checkout form for either the level set as default in the block settings or for the URL attribute ?level=ID.

Redirect Logic #

Visitors and logged-in users are not redirected on this page. If the level ID is included in the URL, the checkout form will be shown for that specific level. If the page has a meta field with the key pmpro_default_level with the value set to a level ID, the checkout form will display for the level set in the custom field.

If the level ID is not included in the URL and no custom field is present, the plugin will try to get first available level. If no level is found, the page will be redirected to the Membership Levels page.