Membership Confirmation

The Membership Confirmation page shows the confirmation message and details that are displayed after membership checkout. You can show a custom message on this page by adding content to the level under Memberships > Settings > Membership Levels in the WordPress dashboard. Additionally, Add Ons may insert custom content on the confirmation page depending on their features.

Membership Confirmation Page
Membership Confirmation Settings
The page must contain either the membership confirmation block or pmpro_confirmation shortcode. Either method will display the membership confirmation message, details about the payment made, if applicable, and a link to the Membership Account page.

Membership Confirmation Block
Redirect Logic
When a site visitor tries to access the Membership Confirmation page, they are redirected to the Log In page. After log in, all users will be redirected back to the Membership Confirmation page. If the user does not have an active or pending membership level, they will be redirected to the Membership Account page.