Membership Dashboard

Getting Started #

The Dashboard serves as a control panel for your membership site. From here, you can get help setting up your membership site, manage your license, view membership reports, manage recent members, and more.

To access the Dashboard, navigate to the Dashboard > Memberships > Dashboard.

Below is an overview of the sections shown on this page. The appearance may change slightly depending on whether you have a new installation or have already set up Memberships. If you need help setting up Memberships, please see our initial set up documentation.

Initial Set Up #

This section shows quick links to help you begin your membership site setup. There are three links in this section that will help you get started with your membership site configuration.

  • Create/View a Membership Level(s)
  • Generate/Manage Membership Pages
  • Configure Payment Settings

Other Settings #

This section includes links to help you fine tune certain settings, including:

  • Confirm Email Settings
  • View Advanced Settings
  • Explore Add Ons for Additional Features

Report Widgets #

The Dashboard also includes report widgets to give you an idea of how your membership is doing at a glance. Default reports are described below. Additional report widgets may be added by other Add Ons you are using in your site.

  • Sales & Revenue: Shows sales and revenue by time period. The full report shows filterable charts based on custom time periods and membership level.
  • Membership Stats: Shows signups and cancellations by time period. The full report shows filterable charts comparing signups, expirations, and cancellations based on custom time periods and membership level.
  • Visits, Views, and Logins: Shows aggregate user statistics by time period. The full report offers a detailed view of data points by user and member.
    • Visits: Tracked once per browser session.
    • Views: Counted once per page load.
    • Logins: This counts each single “login”.
  • Recent Members: Displays a list of members who recently joined your membership site.
  • Recent Orders: Displays a list of recently processed orders.