Membership Invoice

The Membership Invoice page shows either a single invoice or a list of all invoices for the current user.

Membership Invoice Page
Membership Invoice Settings
The page must contain either the membership invoices block or pmpro_invoice shortcode. Either method will display the correct information for this page.

If a single invoice code is passed in the URL using the ?invoice=CODEHERE attribute, the page will show details for that specific payment, including the account information, amount paid, payment method, and billing address (if applicable).

If there is no code passed in the URL, the page will show a table view of all invoices for the current user.

Membership Invoices Block
Redirect Logic

When a site visitor tries to access the Membership Invoice page, they are redirected to the Log In page. This logic apples to both the single invoice view or when viewing all invoices. After log in, all users will be redirected back to the requested Membership Invoice (all view or single view) page.

If the user does not have an active membership level or if they have a level and attempt to view an invoice that is not theirs, they will be redirected to the Membership Account page.

Note that users with the pmpro_orders capability (automatically given to the administrator and Membership Manager roles) can view fronted invoices for any user on the site.

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