Membership Level Setup

General Information #

  • Name: The name of your Membership level (public)
  • Description: Optional content shown on the checkout page.
  • Confirmation Message: Optional content shown on the checkout confirmation page.

Billing Details #

  • Initial Payment: (This is what is charged at checkout. E.g. $10.)
  • Recurring Subscription: Check if your level has a recurring payment
  • Billing Amount: The amount to be billed one cycle (day(s), week(s), month(s), year(s)) after the initial payment.

Advanced Level Billing Settings
These are the less-used settings that you may need to create a more complex level.

  • Billing Cycle Limit: The total number of recurring billing cycles for this level, including the trial period (if applicable) but not including the initial payment. Set to zero if membership is indefinite. At the end of the last cycle, billing will stop, but the user will still have their membership level access unless you also set an expiration below.
  • Custom Trial: Check if your level has a custom trial period. (Optional; Trial Payment and Trial Period)
  • Trial Billing Amount: The amount (can be zero for free trial) and number of cycles to be billed (day(s), week(s), month(s), year(s)) after the initial payment.
    You can define the length and price of an introductory trial period or use it to charge a larger up-front cost and then lower monthly costs thereafter ($45 for the first 3 months then $10 monthly). Subscription Delays can also be used to give members a variable length trial and automatically bill them according to their membership level pricing after that time has passed.

Expiration Settings #

  • Membership Expiration: Check this to set when membership access expires.
  • Expires In: Set the duration of membership access. Note that the member’s recurring subscription (if any) will be cancelled when the membership expires.

Content Settings #

  • Categories: Select categories to bulk protect posts. You can control whether non-members see posts in archives or a shown excerpts using this guide. If you have any Categories that should be locked down for members, you can check them off at the bottom of the edit level page.
  • Single Posts: Add or edit a single post to protect it.
  • Single Pages: Add or edit a single page to protect it.
  • Other Content Types: Protect other content types such as a Custom Post Type, Course, Community, Directory, Podcast, and more.

Other Settings #

  • Disable New Signups: Disables new signups and hides the level from default “Membership Levels” page

Other settings may also appear in this section if you are using any of our Add Ons or third party integrations.