Money Management

LMS is a multi-instructor based eLearning solution. What it means is, it allows an individual/professional to run a solo educational platform or multiple professionals to collaborate in running an educational institute. 

When multiple entities are involved, it raises the question of things like commission allocation, money management, and uninterrupted distribution among other things. The purpose of this tutorial is to clear things up as much as possible with a use case scenario.

Say you* have a PayPal account which you need to provide in your monetization method. We’d be using eCommerce for instance. So, you set your PayPal account on eCommerce. Do that by browsing to the backend Dashboard of your website >  eCommerce > Settings > Payments (tab) > find PayPal from the list and click “Manage”.

This will open up PayPal configuration page, from where you need to set up your account credentials like account email, PayPal IPN, or API credentials. Once you have done that make sure you hit “Save Changes”.

Commission Allocation #

After your monetization is all set. We need to understand how LMS manages your earnings. When multiple instructors sell their courses all the transactions go to the one account you provided in your monetization method. Hence the question arises, how do you determine who gets how much?

The process is very simple, you need to define the commission percentage for your instructors in LMS Settings (Earnings). To do that, go to Dashboard > LMS > Settings > Earnings (tab).

To initiate the process, you need to enable Earning. Then define the commission percentage for both Admin and Instructor in their respective fields. We’ll take a 20% cut from the instructors total earning as our commission. Therefore, we’ll put 80 in the Instructor Commission Percentage field and 20 in the Admin Commission Percentage field.

You can also set individual commission rate for each instructor for a multi-instructor course.You will find this setting from the WordPress Users configuration. Navigate to

admin → Users → Instructor’s Profile

Now scroll down to see the commission rate apply settings under the Instructor Settings option. You can opt-in for the default settings, a fixed commission rate or a percentage amount from the earning of a course.

Set Commission Per Instructor

Understanding the Wallet #

 No automated payout feature

LMS does not have the feature for automated payouts to instructors. All the payments to the teachers have to be sent manually.

You might want to disable some links on the dashboard page on LMS or want to add new functionality which requires adding a new link. For this purpose.

The instructors can see their wallet status from the Instructor Dashboard. The Earnings tab in the Analytics section, showcases current balance, total earnings, and total sell (which includes admin commission and fees) among other things. The important thing to note here is, ‘My Balance’ is the amount after all fees and commissions have been deducted.

The wallet balance of an instructor is the money he/she gets after the site admin takes his/her cut. The withdrawal request is the amount of money you need to pay to the instructor.

Making Withdwral Request (by instructors) #

When the Instructors earning exceeds the minimum withdrawal request he/she can make a withdrawal request.

Please note that before sending a withdrawal request, the instructors need to set their preferred withdrawal method from their profile settings.

After a withdrawal request is made, as an admin you’ll get a notification and can see the list of requests from Dashboard > LMS > Withdraw Request. 

Here, you’ll see the list of requests and you can approve them. Please note, the requested amount is the actual amount you’ll be sending to the instructors.

Sending Requested Money (to the instructors)  #

This may seem complicated at first but it’s rather simple once you get the gist of it. This is the only task you’ll ever need to do manually. However, we promise to automat this function in the coming updates.

All the money is being saved in the only account that you manage. It’s the PayPal account for this instance. Now based on your preferred method, you need to send the REQUESTED AMOUNT to the instructor.

*Here ‘you’ is referred to as the administrator of the website.

Here is a flow chart for you to understand the money flow in LMS-