Navigate to Memberships > Orders to see all orders that have been generated for a new membership checkout or recurring payment received.

Getting Started #

Every membership checkout and recurring payment for membership has a unique order. To access the Orders Page navigate to the Dashboard > Memberships > Orders.

Below is an overview of the order page feature, including the search filters, default columns, and other actions.

  • Add New Order: Allows you to manually add a new order. This is especially useful when a member didn’t use the site to purchase a membership (i.e. cash payments or direct bank transfers).
  • Export to CSV: Allows you to download the full orders table or a filtered view of orders.
  • Filtering Orders:
    • All: Show all transactions from most recent to oldest.
    • Within a Date Range: Choose a date range to display orders created in that time.
    • Predefined Date Range: Choose from the dropdown: This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year.
    • Within a Level: Choose from the dropdown > Membership Level Name.
    • With a Discount Code: Choose a specific discount code.
    • Within a Status: View orders by status including Cancelled, Pending, Refunded, Review, Success or Token. To learn more about what each status means see our Overview of Order Statuses in Memberships.
    • Only Paid Orders: Show all successfully paid orders.
    • Only Free Orders: Show all free orders that were made for any free membership level.
  • Search Field: This field allows you to search for a specific order. You can use one of the following terms to search for the order:
    • ID
    • Username
    • Membership Level Name
    • Payment Gateway
    • Order Status
    • Payment ID
    • Subscription ID

Orders Table Details #

Each order reflects the information that was created by the member on checkout and for each recurring subscription order created. The default Orders page includes the following data:

  • ID: A sequential number that is automatically incremented in the database. Select the ID to view or edit the order.
  • Code: A randomly generated code that serves as a unique invoice number and is shown to the member in the Membership Confirmation email and the Membership Invoices page. Hover over this value in the table for quick access to do the following:
    • Edit: Edit the order details.
    • Copy: Duplicate then edit the order details.
    • Delete: Delete the order. Confirm this action with the pop-up: “Deleting an order is permanent and can affect active users. Are you sure you want to delete the order?”
    • Print: Open a window with a printable view of the single order.
    • Email: Email the single order to the member or another recipient.
  • Username: Member’s Username.
  • Level: Membership Level purchased.
  • Total: Total amount paid for the order including the initial payment or recurring subscription amount, tax, and other additional charges such as a Donation, Addon Package or other price-adjusting field.
  • Payment: Based on the gateway for the order. May show card type and last 4 digits of the payment method or gateway name like “PayPal Express”.
  • Gateway: The Payment Gateway that processed the order.
  • Transaction IDs: Payment and Subscription ID generated by the Payment Gateway.
  • Status: Payment status of Canceled, Pending, Refunded, Review, Success or Token. To learn more about what each status means see our Overview of Order Statuses in Memberships.
  • Date: Date of order.
  • Discount Code: Discount code used for the order, if applicable.

Order Details #

Click the Order ID or Code to view additional details about the order. You can also print or email a single order from this page. Below is a list of all the fields on the single Order detail page:

  • ID: Sequential number that is automatically incremented in the database; This value is not shown to the member.
  • Code: Randomly generated, unique invoice number shown to the customer in the Membership Confirmation email and the Membership Invoice page.
  • User ID: User ID of the member for this order.
  • Membership Level ID: ID of the Membership Level for this order.
  • Billing Name
  • Billing Street
  • Billing City
  • Billing State
  • Billing Postal Code
  • Billing Country
  • Billing Phone
  • Discount Code: Discount code used for the order, if applicable.
  • Sub Total
  • Tax
  • Total
  • Payment Type: Payment method used for membership checkout; This value depends on the connected gateway and may include “PayPal Express”, “PayPal Standard”, or “Credit Card”.
  • Card Type: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.
  • Account Number: Last 4 digits of the payment method used at checkout, if applicable.
  • Expiration Month: Payment method’s expiration month as “MM”.
  • Expiration Year: Payment method’s expiration year as “YYYY”
  • Status: Payment status of Cancelled, Pending, Refunded, Review, Success or Token. To learn more about what each status means see our Overview of Order Statuses in Memberships.
  • Gateway: The Payment Gateway name that processed the order.
  • Payment Transaction ID and Subscription Transaction ID: Generated by the gateway and useful to cross-reference orders in the merchant account.
  • Date: Shows the month, day, year, hour and minute of purchase.
  • TOS Consent: Shows if the member agreed to your site’s Terms of Service, if applicable. See our guideline for creating your own Terms and Conditions page.
  • Notes: Reflects payment notes from the gateway. These notes are only visible to the admin.

Understanding Order Statuses #

There are 7 primary order statuses available in Memberships including cancelled, error, pending, refunded, review, success, and token.

Search Members by Order Transaction ID #

Order information is not available in the search queries on the Members List or All Users table in WordPress. We’ve written a guide to show Subscription ID or Transaction ID information to various user screens throughout the WordPress admin as well as the Members Export to CSV. This guide will make it easier to locate a member by these fields on the Users, Members, and Orders admin pages.

Make All Order Fields Editable #

To protect you from accidentally editing critical member order information, the order’s codepayment_transaction_id, and subscription_transaction_id are read-only fields. There are certain cases where the administrator or membership manager may need to edit these fields. We’ve written a guide on using the pmpro_orders_read_only_fields filter to make these fields editable on the Orders page.

Display the Member’s Shipping Address on the Orders Page #

If your site is captures the member’s shipping information using the Add Shipping Address to Membership Checkout Add On, we have written a code recipe to add shipping details to the single Order edit page. This approach should simplify order management for sites that need to send a physical item to their members.