Payment Gateway & SSL

The Memberships > Settings > Payment Settings admin page allows you to control the payment gateway settings for your Memberships site.

Payment Gateway Settings #

To start configuring your Payment Gateway in Memberships, click the Payment Gateway & SSL tab. You can find this option by navigating to you Memberships dashboard. Go to Memberships > Settings and select Payment Gateway & SSL to get started.

If you are charging for membership, you will need a Payment Gateway. If you don’t have a payment gateway, click here for information on gateway options with Memberships.

Choose a Gateway #

  • Payment Gateway: Select one of the payment options available in the dropdown field. The fields on the page will change based on the active payment gateway you have selected. It is important that you have chosen a payment gateway and completely set up your merchant account before moving forward with setup.
  • Gateway Environment: Choose between Sandbox/Testing or Live/Production. Refer to your chosen gateway’s setup guide for more information on using the gateway in sandbox mode.

Gateway Settings #

  • Complete the fields for your chosen Gateway: If you are using Stripe, as in our tutorial video, you will need to enter your Stripe Publishable Key and Secret Key. Other payment methods will have different processes.
  • This section also includes details on configuring your Webhook or IPN. Refer to your chosen gateway’s setup guide for more information on configuring this important additional step in your gateway account.

Currency and Tax Settings #

This section includes a few fields related to general checkout settings for your default currency, accepted payment methods, and processing sales tax.

  • Currency: Select the default currency for your site. Payments made in other currencies will be automatically converted by your gateway account. If your chosen currency is not in this list, you can add it using the pmpro_currencies hook as demonstrated in this guide.
  • Accepted Credit Card Types: For all onsite credit card payment gateways except Stripe, this field only updates the text that reflects payment methods accepted on your checkout page. If you choose to limit credit card types, you must also update this in your gateway account directly. This setting does not enforce which card types are processed, only the card types that are shown on the checkout page.
  • Sales Tax: For US-based membership sites, you can configure a tax rule directly on this settings page. Always check with your accountant or your state tax office to see if tax is required and the tax rate for your memberships. For more information on non-US taxes or VAT, see: the following guides: Non-US Taxes and VAT Add On.

SSL Settings #

  • Force SSL: This setting will allow you to force checkout over SSL if your site is not already fully loaded over SSL. An SSL certificate can be set up by your website hosting provider. Learn more about setting up your SSL here.
  • SSL Seal Code: This field allows you to display additional content related to your payment gateway or the security of your checkout process. The field is displayed alongside the payment information fields shown at checkout. This field does not accept JavaScript, so if your provider’s seal graphic displays via a script tag, you must use custom code to display the seal. Do not place the private key for your “SSL Certificate” in this field. Your SSL certificate must be installed by your web host and cannot be installed via this field.
  • Extra HTTPS URL Filter: This setting allows you to force pass all generated HTML through a URL filter to add HTTPS to URLs used on secure pages. We recommend checking this if you are using SSL and have warnings on your checkout pages.