Three basic reports are included in your “Memberships” admin area. These reports highlight Sales and Revenue, Signups and Cancellations, as well as data for Member Visits, Views and Logins.

Reports Overview #

Navigate to Memberships > Reports to see a snapshot of the primary reports, including Sales and Revenue; Visits, Views and Logins; and Membership Stats for Signups and Cancellations. Add Ons that include a report will also display on this dashboard page.

Report data reflects the entire history of membership activity on your site since activating Memberships.

Sales and Revenue #

This report reflects overall sales volume and revenue by all time, year, month, and for today.

The Sales and Revenue report widget provides an overview of your data that you can click to expand and see a breakdown of stats per-price point paid that period.

Click through to view the full report which shows filterable charts for Sales and Revenue based on custom time periods and membership level.

Visits, Views and Logins #

This report shows aggregate user statistics for the day, month, and all time. The full report offers a detailed view of data points by user and member.

For help understanding this report, we define each as the following: #

  • Visits: Tracked once per browser session.
  • Views: Counted once per page load.
  • Logins: This counts each single “login”.

Membership Stats #

The report details various Membership-related stats including Signups and Cancellations (for all time, this year, this month, today).

The Membership Stats report widget provides an overview of your signups and cancellations that you can expand to see stats per-price point paid that period.

Click through to view the full report which shows filterable charts comparing Signups and Cancellations by time period and membership level.

How to Export Report Data #

You can export nearly any piece of data tracked in your membership site. For example, you can export your full members list, your full orders list, or any filtered view of this data.

We also support exporting the data that is used to generate any built-in report.

  1. In the WordPress admin, navigate to Memberships > Reports.
  2. Select a single report to view details.
  3. In the report title, click the “Export to CSV” button.
  4. This will download a CSV file of the exact data used to generate that report.
  5. You can import this data to your preferred spreadsheet program or use a web-based application like Google Sheets to create additional views, comparisons, or graphs using this data.