Surveys and Polls – Forms

Surveys and polls are one of the valuable features that made Forms the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress survey form builder. You can utilize the drag & drop form builder from pre-built templates. Forms offers responsive & mobile-friendly interactive surveys & polls including NPS surveys, Real-time polls, smart survey fields, and instant notifications.

  • Add the input fields (Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Multiple Choice, etc) which will dictate the survey & poll fields. For demonstration purposes, we are using Radio Buttons here.
  • Here we have added the Country List Fields to get the country of the user, Radio Fields to get the gender, Checkbox Field to know the interest of the submitter, and the Net Promoter Score to know whether the users will recommend the product or service they are getting.
  • You can utilize more fields in the survey & poll form. For example the Multiple Select FieldDropdown FieldsRange Slider Field, etc.
  • Go to the Settings & Integrations → Form Settings. Then start scrolling down until you find the Survey Result options.
  • Now turn on the Append to start taking surveys. If you want to show form labels & counts when displaying the survey results turn on the Show Label & Show Counts option.
  • Now add the form to a page by copying & pasting the shortcode into the page.
  • The result of the survey will appear after submitting the form like the below screenshot.
  • As you can see, the form represents the form entries in a Pie Chart format along with the statistical data.
  • You can also create a new page to show the customized result using a custom shortcode. For example, if you want to show only the Gender you can use the below shortcode and the “Name Attribute” of the Gender Field inside the field_name quotation.
  • Also, specify if whether you want to show the label and total count. Below the shortcode, the label is hidden but the total count will be shown.
  • Create a new page and paste the above-customized shortcode on the page.
  • To redirect the user after submitting the form, add the result page into the confirmation settings as shown in the below screenshot.
  • The Name Attribute of each field can be found as shown in the below screenshot.