What is Cookie Duration and How to Use it

Cookie is a value stored on the client’s computer. When a user comes to your website via an affiliate link, a cookie is saved on the user’s computer. We use cookies to track affiliate referrals.

Each cookie has an expiry date. In our Affiliates Manager plugin, the expiry duration of the cookie is set in the Cookie Duration field.

By default, the duration of the cookie is set to 30 days. This means, if a user comes to your site via an affiliate link and purchases something within 30 days, the affiliate who referred the user will receive a commission for it.

You can increase the value of the cookie duration field if you want to offer a longer time duration.

Cookie Duration for Recurring Payments #

You might be wondering whether or not Affiliates Manager will award commissions for recurring payments if the duration is set to only 30 days. The answer is yes, as long as the first payment is made within 30 days. When a user pays for a membership/subscription and the commission is tracked, affiliates manager will no longer need to rely on the cookie to award a commission for the re-bill payments.

How to Enable Lifetime Commission #

Unfortunately, there is no option to set a lifetime duration in the cookie. What you can do is specify a very high number like 32000 (which is close to 100 years). So the cookie will never expire.

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